Future Flash 004

by Operator Tracey & Perseus Traxx

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Just Friday
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Just Friday Used to Play regurlarly "Nothing to do with us" (last time for introducing acronym's live act).
Crowd reaction : incrasing insanity!!!
Gooooooood one Nigel! Favorite track: Nothing To Do With Us.
Pattern Burst
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Pattern Burst The whole truth, right there. Favorite track: Nothing To Do With Us.


Very little is known of Operator Tracey, save for an obscure message sent to a cell phone in Chicago, reading:

“Morning,,, this is operator tracey trying to find out what time we are going to do the trade, im off the bus from 11 to 2:40,,,”

Despite this, the Operator’s music seems to have a much clearer message, being that the genre currently referred to as EDM has nothing to do with what’s happening in Detroit or Chicago, or what’s happening with electronic artists around the world, reflecting none of the musical heritage granted to the world by those two cities. Its a clear shot across the bows for those sailing the wrong ship, and a rallying cry to all others.

Perseus Traxx is a little more well known, with releases on Bunker, M>O>S, Skylax and BOE Recordings to name but a few, as well as having numerous releases operating under a range of aliases. The message here has no words. Its one of direct manipulation of electricity for a stream of raw analogue power combined with the crunchy, digital grit of a well known drum machine.


released July 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Perseus Traxx York, UK

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